Forest Project Starting this Month on Bainbridge Island

Good news for Bainbridge Island! The Urban Forestry Restoration Project is working throughout this month to enhance forests on the island!
According to the Bainbridge Island Review, "A Puget SoundCorps team will work with city staff to remove English ivy, Himalayan blackberry and Scotch broom from multiple city-owned locations across the island. Officials said the invasive non-native plants compete with native vegetation for water and nutrients and, in some cases, even kill trees."
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Neighborhood Market Spotlight: Bainbridge Island

The island has been a seller’s market since October 2014, and monthly supply spent most of 2015 below two months. As in many other exurban locations, prices tend to be more volatile on Bainbridge Island.
Yet here again, the island benefits as a bedroom community to Seattle: the median price rose by double digits in each of the past two years, and in 2015 was 137.9% higher than the Kitsap County median.
10 Expert Gardening Tips for Beginners

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