Often times, with retirement comes the need to downsize your home into a more manageable size. If the idea of sorting through all of your positions to downsize sounds daunting, Forbes has curated a list to help you accomplish the task with relative ease.

To begin the process of determining your new home size, Forbes recommends asking yourself a few questions. These questions include:

What is my vision for my next living space? What are my options that fit with this vision?”

This question is key as it helps you visualize your goals and plan accordingly for you downsize. This question will help spark additional ideas on what type of maintenance or area you are interested in moving to. Once you have you new home in sight, determining the space you need as well as how you plan to move furniture, can help you begin the purging process.

Now you are ready to begin the process of going through your belongings. According to Forbes, the next process is creating a list which will help you “determine what you should purge” and will also help “you know which items you absolutely cannot part with.”

Once you have your belonging sorted, invite your family, specifically your children and grandchildren to reclaim any belongings they still would like to keep or items they would like to inherit. After everyone has a chance to choose items they would like to keep, the next and final step is sorting your items from large to small. According to Forbes, “as you sort through your belongings, be sure to think about the dimensions and style of your new home so you know what will fit. It can be tough to sort through every single smaller item you own, but think about your most utilized items first such as kitchenware, pictures, books, etc.”